Design for international appeal and for global markets


Enabling your vision

So, you want to start your own brand of cosmetics? Or, perhaps you are an existing brand needing a makeover for a certain range of products. Or, perhaps, you wish to launch a new product line to sit alongside an existing one. Or perhaps your vision is even more ambitious. You want to take your brand to an international level, both in terms of design and marketing. Whatever your vision is, we can help you achieve it.

 Design is increasingly a ‘game changer’; it can make or break a brand. And, in an increasingly competitive market place, it is so important to appeal to international tastes, rather than local ones. To achieve sales globally, cosmetics packaging needs to look global. And it needs to be designed by a company with great global experience. As the saying goes “Go global or go home”.

Design and partnership with CosLab

Undine London offers this global experience. We have worked for some of the world’s most well-known brands. Over the years, we have built up a repertoire of design solutions and a vocabulary of what works and what does not. A sense of taste, for example, cannot be taught, only acquired slowly, over time. Packaging design is just one part of the entire range of skills and expertise necessary to bring a product to market. Through our partnership with CosLab, Undine London can also offer access to the full gamut of cosmetic design; labels, boxes and retail support. But cosmetics packaging is not all we do. Undine London offers a wide spectrum of design for industry, including contemporary luxury design.


Undine Design London

Undine London is small but highly professional design company that specialises in the feminine cosmetics market. Art director, Stanley Eales, has almost twenty-five years experience in working for major feminine clients such as: Bourjois, Dorothy Perkins, Roche, Chanel and Christian Dior to name but a few. We strive to make everything we do just that little bit special. We go the extra mile. Beauty is our credo and one of our guiding principles, along with creating stylish design and working with great people

Not only can we design your packaging, we can also advise on which bottles and jars to select for your product. We have close contacts with all of the leading European suppliers. Thus, we are abreast of the latest trends in both style and product preservation and we can advise accordingly.

In summary, Undine Design promises:

1. Technical proficiency and attention to detail

2. Aesthetic advice, creative flair an emphasis on good taste. 

3. Giving the customer what they want… plus that little bit extra.



CosLab essentially offers a one-stop shop for anyone wishing to launch a cosmetic or household product to market. From the conception, right through to the delivery of finished product, CosLab can cover everything. The four central pillars of CosLab’s activity are:

  1. Testing and Certification laboratory (SkinLab)
  2. Production factory
  3. Formulation experience
  4. Design expertise, through partnership with Undine London

 CosLab is the culmination of several decades of work by Anna Molenda. As well as being Managing Director, Anna is also a technology and formula designer. She also has the ability to see the process from both sides; from that of the scientist and from the of the eventual end-user of the product. In creating a product, it is vital to tap into the desires of people and to formulate something that they will want, even before they are aware that they want it. Creating desire is our business. Through the fusion of technology, design and an acute awareness of current trends and tastes, can tailor your products to be desirable to a wide audience.

Undine London, together with CosLab, offers a full concept-to-production service for your product. This includes: innovative formulation design, factory production, certification, storage and shipping. Our service extends to many goods, from simple cosmetics to vanity luxury scents and dietary supplements, chocolates, soaps, candles, silk scarves and even cushions!

In sum, CosLab, in conjunction with Undine London, can offer a seamless service in bringing a product to an international market. From idea, through to formulation and research and then to final production, we can make your vision come to fruition. We can help your dreams of success to become a reality.


We are ready to listen and ready to help. It is completely up to you which of our services you wish to use. By all means, cherry-pick just the parts that you need, whether it be design, testing and certification, formulation or production.

It’s your choice. However, if you wish, please feel free to talk to us about what we can offer in terms of a complete concept-to-production package. Whichever route you choose, we will do our very best to make your vision come to life. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Cos Lab

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